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Whether you are booking us for a regular session or a wedding, it is important that you know our approach and what to expect out of your time with us. We want to make sure the way we work is going to be a good fit for you because you deserve an experience of your dreams!

If you want a "normal" session where you show up and smile for the camera-we probably aren't the photographers for you. The value of our sessions mean so much for then the photos themselves. If you want a "normal" session, that is okay. We just don't do normal here!

"...It was our first time doing a photoshoot and she made us feel completely comfortable and natural. She was so kind and easy to work with from the moment we started communicating. I love love love how all the photos turned out, the natural lighting was STUNNING! It gave such a warm and earthly glow to the photos that I really loved. Ever since I got the photos I’ve been showing them off to everyone. We had such a fun time together and she had us do some of the cutest poses! She really was able to capture the way we feel as a couple and how much we love one another.." 




Every love story is different which means not even session will be the same. Why should it? Your session will be unique to you and your story. 

We invite you to be a part of our sessions. We create a space for you and your personalities to show. 

We make the moment present. We take it slow to connect and make memories.  

The session is about you, not us...but we are there together. We will help guide you, but YOU are the reason WE are there. 

We are about capturing the two of you for what you are. 

But for the most part it’s about your connection, memories, and having fun!

"Kali & Taylor are absolutely amazing at what they do. They truly know how to capture a couple’s personality, and let it shine through their photography. Kali’s edits are absolutely phenomenal. Our engagement session with Taylor was one we will never forget, and we cannot wait for Kali to shoot our wedding day! Love you guys, your style, and vibes! HIGHLY recommend to everyone!"

-Taylor Cassatt

not just photos


Let's focus on creating together rather than just 'getting photos done'. My main focus is that my couples are having a great time. Most of my couples show up saying “Sorry, we’re awkward and hate getting our photos taken”. By the end they’re going on about how easy and fun it was. Trust me, getting photos taken does not need to be a hard experience! You are hiring me to capture your special moments, not just take photos. 


When you think about it, photography is really the only thing that lasts past your wedding day. I hear couples all the time who went "cheap" on photos for their wedding and how much they regretted it. Invest in your memories!


I focus on quality over quantity so we can create something together that you will value for a lifetime. If you want your photos bright and airy, I am not the photographer for you. My style is unique to me as an artist, but the choices I make aren’t to benefit me because these are your memories, not mine. You might get blurry photos, you might get grainy photos. My style is unique to each session because not every love story is the same. 

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