How to honor, respect, and "show off " your photographer

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

I want to give my clients the best experience they can have. From planning, shooting, and editing, I give my all to everything I do. I go above and beyond to make my client's visions come to life. Here are some tips that I came up with myself, read about, and got from fellow photographers to help honor your photographer!

Photo by Alyssa Christine Photography

How-To Tips For Clients:

  • TAG YOUR PHOTOGRAPHERS SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE IN YOUR PHOTOS/GIVE THEM A SHOUT OUT! There isn't a better feeling than looking at your phone and seeing that one of your clients tagged you in their photo (just make sure to tag their photography page, not their personal page!). This shows us that you like your photos and that you want to show your photographer off to the world. This also helps us get our name out there to different people who don't already follow or know about us!

"I appreciate when my clients tag me in their photos. A compliment is always nice too!" - Uniquely Made Photography : Rachel Coldsmith

"I love shout outs because they open up your business to your current clientele's family and friends, and shows others outside of your page what you can do with your work." - Slabonik Photography

  • LET THE PHOTOGRAPHER LEAD THE SESSION! Your photographer most likely (or should) have your session planned with poses/prompts ready to go. There is nothing worse than having clients tell the photographer what to do. Yes, this happens. We know what we are doing! Don't tell your photographer where to stand, how to shoot, etc. If you have a "good side" or have a specific pose you want you can tell your photographer beforehand. I personally give 10 minutes at the end of every session to have my clients do any poses they personally want to do.

  • GIVE A LITTLE GIFT. Yes, you probably just paid your photographer tons of mula so we completely understand that getting us a thank you gift is out of the question. By "little gift" I mean a thank you note, or the holiday card that you made with our work on it.

"Send them a thank you gift. I know what you’re thinking – but I paid them! The gift can simply be a handwritten note telling them how much you loved the photos, the wedding favor you gave your guests on the day, the thank you card you send your other guests, or a personalized gift to let them know you appreciate them" -Athena and Camron Photography

  • USE YOUR WORDS. If you had a fun session, tell us! If you love your photos, tell us! If you love our editing style, tell us! We love feedback. Feedback is our path to success. If we don't receive feedback how do we improve?? If we send you a little highlight of your session, reply back! If we tag you in a photo please comment, share, and like it! Photographers can't read minds. You can't expect us to know you like your gallery we just sent you unless you tell us. The more you interact with your photographer and their page/photos the better!

"I find myself wishing more often than I would like that clients thanked me for their photos. Most do, but some just download them and never say anything. Other's don't follow my detailed directions about crediting me either."- Jocelyn Elzer Photography

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