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HONEYBOOK review & 50% off discount!

The top reasons I choose HoneyBook to manage my business and why I encourage you to test it out for yourself. PLUS, a personal link from me to you for a 50% discount for your first year!

REASON 1: Their core values:

People come first. We love what we do. We are family. We are fearless. We go the extra mile.

Basically, if you want a team to go above and beyond for you, they are it, 100%.

REASON 2: Their customer service. I was hesitant to sign up, I always am when it comes to spending money for my business. Is it going to be worth it? Do I really need it? Is it going to help me in the long run? Well after signing up, I found out the answers to my own questions...YES. YES. YES. The staff was literally with me every step of the setting up process. I started out using the free trial (heck yes!) to see if I would even like it. I didn't even need to put my credit card info in and even though I wasn't 100% committed to HoneyBook, they were 100% committed to me. They answered all of my questions honestly and I never had to wait more than a day for a response back. They are the bomb!

REASON 3: The systems and templates.Oh. My. Gosh. After signing up for HoneyBook my business finally felt put together. It was all right in front of me. EVERYTHING. Email templates, contract templates, questionnaires, calendars, etc. Everything! In one place! No more scrambling around my planner, no more thinking "did I do that already?" or "wait, did they pay me?". HoneyBook tracks all of that for me!

HoneyBook is an app, too!

REASON 4: The community. Once you join, you can have a whole photographer/vendor community behind you. You can easily find opportunities near you that other vendors are hosting. Some might post "Need a second shooter in this state at this time." All you have to do is message back! That simple.

REASON 5: Workflow. Basically, reason 5 sums it up. Everything is in one place. No more scrambling. No more chaos. It is organized, neat, and even pretty! I was so tired of printing all of my invoices, keeping emails in separate folders, etc. Now, I don't have to worry about that because everything is on HoneyBook. HoneyBook saves me SO MUCH TIME, especially during wedding season!


HoneyBook is everything I need to run my business. To be honest, I havn't been using HoneyBook for that long, but long enough to know I will always thrive on it. My business has transformed because of it! I never promote products that don't work or a waste of time. HoneyBook is where it is at!

Have anymore questions? Please feel free to contact me and ask away!


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