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lets take your business to the next level


Just want to talk? Have questions and just want honest, raw answers? Jump on Zoom with me for 1 hour and ask me ANYTHING. All of your questions will be answered. We can talk finances, clients, contracts, etc. This session is all about YOU.



Want to see me live and in action with real clients? Come hang out with me! Shoot along side of me, take notes, see how I do the thing start to finish. Follow up with a Zoom call for an additional $50 to talk about your work.



This is when I find a client who volunteers their time to be in front of us as I mentor you one on one rather than focusing on the client themselves. This is going to be the best opportunity for you because you can ask as many questions a you want in real time. I go over how to approach the client, the talk I give them before we shoot, how to end the shoot, how to pose/prompt them, awkward situations that might come up, etc. I will also shoot along side of you so you can see me in action and how I approach all situations. You will get all rights to edit the photos you take to use them for your portfolio.

Say goodbye to...anxiety, fake moments, overthinking, and awkward situations.

Say hello to...confidence, knowledge, a growing business, and a mentor who wants to help YOU.


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