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Prioritize interaction and connection with emails because first impressions matter!

Let's be real, as photographers, we did NOT sign up for the countless hours of emailing. managing awkward conversations, and explaining things over and over again. That is why I am giving you my exact wedding email templates so you can do what you do best-being a photographer!

because emails don't have to take forever

what you get

Downloadable PDF Guide

​Tips and tricks on how to create a contact form on your website

14 copy-and-paste email templates

all for only $29


Wedding First Response

Not Available on Wedding Date

Not Feeling it

Wedding Vendor Recommendations

Follow Up

Request for Discount





Gallery is Ready

Printing Photos

Request for Review

Wedding Vendor Gallery Email


Refund Policy
Due to the digital nature of my products, no refunds or exchanges are allowed.

who is it for?
This guide is catered for wedding photographers.

does the guide include templates?
Yes. This guide is filled with copy-and-paste templates that you can personalize for your brand. 
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